zondag 26 april 2015

fablab 013

Today I joined in a workshop organised by Merula and Frits at the fablab in Tilburg. We learned how to lasercut our own drawings. My love and I got so inspired. It was awesome and I long for more.

woensdag 15 april 2015

donderdag 9 april 2015

It's a world

The wind blows these dried-out pieces of moss through my street.
It's a world.

zaterdag 28 maart 2015

I made myself a pair of leggings

 I received this big book to review and my heart made a jump of joy when finding a pattern in it for leggings! I'm really not too good at sewing clothes, but even I could do this.  The book said it was easy and that was true. So now I can just buy some jersey fabric and make my own pairs, in less than 45 minutes! (okay, I didn't finish off the seams at the bottom, they're in my socks so who will notice ;-)
If you're interested in the book, click:
Written by Tessa Evelegh
Kosmos Uitgevers

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

new stamp for a happy moment

When a fifteen-years-old finally gets liberated of her braces, that's a lovely moment (I can remember it of myself at that age, walking back to the bus after the removal and checking my 'new' teeth in every mirror and window!). It needs a little celebration.

woensdag 4 maart 2015

new lino cut

My favorite flower is Flowering Rush, Zwanebloem in Dutch (Butomus umbellatus) so I had to make a lino cut of it.