dinsdag 24 maart 2015

new stamp for a happy moment

When a fifteen-years-old finally gets liberated of her braces, that's a lovely moment (I can remember it of myself at that age, walking back to the bus after the removal and checking my 'new' teeth in every mirror and window!). It needs a little celebration.

woensdag 4 maart 2015

new lino cut

My favorite flower is Flowering Rush, Zwanebloem in Dutch (Butomus umbellatus) so I had to make a lino cut of it. 

my feet would like to feel this

I ♥ fairtrade and I love carpets. My century-old house has some cold floors and I collected a lot of vintage scandinavian carpets in the last few years.

But how I would love a thick a carpet like this:

They're for sale at a Dutch webshop called Bolletjeskleed. I like their vision on fairtrade and design. The way women in Kathmandu (Nepal) who can't read or write get the opportunity to have a decent job and send their children to school. They even make these carpets on demand, you can choose your own patterns, colours etc.

If I had a carpet like this, I would immediately take of my socks and walk on it. Although I think my cat would occupy it for herself.

vrijdag 27 februari 2015

Stedelijk Museum s'Hertogenbosch

Hurry, everybody! There's a great exposition at the SM'S in Den Bosch. It's called "How WeWork" and it's about the making-process of several Dutch Designers (Scholten&Baijings, Mae Engelgeer etc. need I say more?).
But most of al, I was in love with the building. It's fresh, it's wood, it's surprising, it's modern and old.

zaterdag 21 februari 2015

spicy maple- kardamom-chillypepper hot chocolate, it tickles!

My, it can still be cold in here. So when I stumbled upon this blogpost about 12 different ways to make a nice hot chocolate, I immediately made one!

You need to make whipped cream first. I added maple syrup instead of sugar and that made it taste so smooth and yummy!
After that you melt some good quality dark chocolatebar (broken in little pieces) in milk, and add maple syrup, cinnamon, and crushed kardamom, chilipepper and aniseed. Whisk well and don't let it boil.
You can make this even without the use of any sugar, by using raw cacao instead of a chocolate bar.

zondag 18 januari 2015

new wall

There was one white wall left, a tiny one at the top of the stairs. Some wallpaper and vintage mirrors which I spraypainted et voilá. Instant smile.

zondag 21 december 2014


Merry Christmas and a blissful 2015 ♥