woensdag 9 juni 2010

beautiful textile art

I recently discovered something so pure, heart-whole and beautiful on the internet: ZOET STOF! Angelique Verstappen designs pieces of fabric with nice Dutch embroidered texts on it:

This one says: 'I would like to comfort you but I only have this little piece of fabric to wipe away your tears'...

I love how this looks: so personal, original and homemade, with no straight lines, the embroidered characters and the sweetness of the message. 
She also has a great deal: if you pay 25 euros for example, she'll send you a surprise 3 times. 
Or she can make you a personalised book with your name embroidered on it!

I love the pieces of fabric the most, it's so much more than a greeting card for instance, it's something to keep for the rest of your life.
Hope to find a way to express myself with textile and words also one day, just like Angelique did.

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