zaterdag 19 juni 2010

Poetic pieces of art

Last year I bought this book:

It's filled with handcut- images and texts by Rob Ryan. They're made with an amount of patience one can be jealous of!
The texts are so full of fine little hapiness, I want to share the images with the best poetic texts (in my opinion) with you:

Don’t just look and enjoy
The beauty of a glorious view
Look at everything and see the goodness of it
Because it’s all out there waiting for you
Straight hair and afro hair
Small boys and old women
Goldfish and whales
Sparrows and emus
Deserts and glaciers
Elephants and little ants

And how about this one:

I can keep on reading and discover new things all the time in this lovely book.

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  1. Wat een goede tip! Wist niet dat hij een boek had, oooh, hebben!! Ik zou een paar bladzijdes uitscheuren in inlijsten ;)


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