vrijdag 3 december 2010

newspaper-poetry and my love for words

For a while, I've been fond of newspaper-headlines. I cut them out and keep them in a drawer. Every now and then I try to mix them into poems. In Dutch of course...

Words and language have always played a part in my life. I was thrilled in primary school to learn English, and even more when learning French in higschool. Especially Franch is a language I adore deeply and I almost can't stand the way I'm forgetting more and more words while time is passing by.
I know naughty words in Papiamento and Italian, because I observe people in movies or learn them from children in school. I know some Turkish and Afghan words. I only have to hear or read a word once to remember it by heart forever.

I can whisper words in myself over and over again just to feel how they are formed in my mouth. I can be very intrigued by the way some people pronounce particular letters. I can be very excited when reading interesting language-facts, for example that a lot of words that have to do with light start in Dutch with gl (gloeien, glitteren, glanzen, glimmen). When I'm speaking with foreign people, the first days afterwards I constantly think or even dream in that language or dialect. 
Some years ago the best German word was chosen (it's an annual thing I believe). The word that won was Rabarbermarmelade. Isn't it superbe with all this a's, and r's? It's like when someone's first and last name strat with the same letter, beautiful!

Yes, I absorb language, and one day this crush for words will hopefully combine with my love for creating in textile. That would really be ME.

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