vrijdag 4 maart 2011

it all comes together in this firebasket

I'm, as you probably know, fond of words and poetry. But this product, by the Dutch Gebroeders Knip, is so smashing and made me mouthwater for years now.
It's a fire basket with words that light up in the glow of the flames. Can you imagine staring in the fire and watch the glow melt into a poem?
Now that the thought crossed my mind that I don't have a garden but this piece would perhaps also look good inside my house, I can't sit still anymore. The shape! The choice of words! It's just perfect!
These designers also did other great things. How many times did I ride with my bike through the poetry tunnel here in Dordrecht that is made by them? Cycling really slow and looking my eyes out?
Or watched the posters of the upcoming concerts with the beautiful letters? And the lamps with the poetic sentences that you can change yourself....yum!
Here some more eyecandy for you, hope you like it just as much as I do....(and yes, they did the foodcounter at Hema too!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig! Ben al jaren weg van de typografie van het Concertgebouw, nooit geweten dat ze dit ook allemaal op hun naam hebben staan.

  2. cijfers & letters, daar raak je nooit op uitgekeken. wat je er allemaal mee kunt doen!
    de receptie is zo mooi! fijn weekend!

  3. hee wat grappig, achter die receptie heb ik ooit nog gewerkt! (had in mijn Utrechtse jaren een bijbaantje als receptioniste)


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