dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Stunning pillows made by great ladies

Here in the centre of Dordrecht a beautiful initiative had come to life. It started as a small group of women making textile design products and has grown into a little company of I believe 20 or 25 women (all kinds of nationalities, volunteers or in a reintegrationproject). They make the prettiest pillows and blankets I've ever seen, you can really see and feel the quality of the thick, soft fabrics.
And the building where they work is a very old impressive one with high ornamental ceilings and wool and fabric everywhere. It's a dream.
I would love to be a volunteer....but I'm only free on wednesdays and then they're closed. Life can be bitter sometimes...
If you're in the neighbourhood, you should really pay them a visit in the Voorstraat (and e-mail me to join you!)...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig hè! Ik had er al over gehoord via een Dordtse vriendin. Super!

  2. dank je wel!!!!!!!!!! wat mooi gefotografeerd ook en een lief verhaal over ons, we groeien!!!!! ;-)

  3. mooi hè de kussen van de dordtse wereldwijven.
    kunnen we trots op zijn!

  4. Prachtig initiatief, prachtige producten!

  5. Ziet er gaaf uit zeg! Ga gauw een kijkje nemen op hun site.


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