zaterdag 12 mei 2012

montessori material

For my Montessori course we often have to make educational material. This time I made a mathematical game for 4 year-olds. Two children can work together. One of them takes some beads in his hand and shows them quickly to his friend. His friend has to guess how many beads there were. They can check if it's right on the wooden board. (as you can see drilling in straight lines isn't my talent but I like it this way ;-)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het is dat je het zegt over die schuine lijn, het was me nog niet opgevallen. ;)

  2. Wow, dat je zoiets zelf kunt maken! Geweldig.

  3. Mooi gemaakt hoor!
    En gefeliciteerd met poezebeest!

  4. It’s great! Bertie has just started Montessori and seems to be loving it :)


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