dinsdag 31 juli 2012

she's so lazy

My cat Lieske can really sleep all day. Not at all interested in entertaining me. She's usually grumpy and hates most visitors. She can hit me with her paws and ignore me. I can touch her sometimes, and she gives prrrrrr sounds, but not for long. She's an independent woman.
But when I go to bed she always lies next to me. She jumps on the bed with a soft 'prp' sound. And looks at me and closes her eyes slowly. I think she loves me, and I love her back.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. En dat vinden we toch ook zo leuk aan katten? ;)
    Leuke foto's!
    Mijn poes Mauser is tegenovergesteld; enorme knuffelkont, maar dat is soms ook irritant hoor ;)
    Je ligt zeker veel op bed om liefde van Lieske te krijgen haha!

  2. awww sounds like my pheobe. our kitties are amazing aren't they.

  3. Geweldig, wat een heerlijk eigenzinnig beestje ! :-)))

  4. Prrrr prrrrr, lekker lui. Een poezenleven,da's toch genieten...

  5. I looooove your cat - she is amazing, and I love the photo of her snuggled into your white bed too. So very gorgeus.


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