zondag 16 december 2012

a tiny Christmas market

I had a lot of great activities this weekend. After the letterpress workshop last Friday I had a nice trip today again. While a huge Christmasmarket was organised in Dordrecht this weekend, my friend M and I chose to go the tiniest one in Utrecht:
We made a similar teacup-christmas-plant-thing, but it's too dark to take a good picture now. Be patient, I'll show it this week.
It was very nice to meet other blogladies again (it's such a small community), and afterwards we had a wine in winebar Lefebvre in Utrecht. When we looked at the winecard, there was only one we could choose of course ;-)

Now I'm enjoying my sundayevening, tomorrow working is on the program. Which is just great also!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nee zeg, ik wil je kunstwerkje nu zien!
    Werken als in werken? :)

  2. Ik heb leuk nieuws voor je op mijn blog ;-)

  3. Vond het zo leuk je gister weer eens te zien!!


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