donderdag 28 februari 2013

making books part 2

This second harmonicabook I made for myself. I folded it so that it can hold little notes with poems and thoughts. It is very nice to have them all binded together instead of on lose scraps of paper everywhere. I'm adding more and more poems. Some of them I wrote myself, and some not, but those were important to me somehow on some moments.

As you see, my typewriter is really getting a second life here.
And thank you M. for giving me the book about bookbinding, it's really inspiring and tastes like more!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. o mooi hoor! en die getiepte dingen zijn toch echt ook wel heel mooi!

  2. Wat een mooie bijzondere manier van gedichten bewaren, inspirerend.

  3. Ha, graag gedaan hoor! En oh wat vind ik getypte tekst goed bij je passen.


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