zondag 18 augustus 2013

crochet and knitting finished TADAAA

It was about time. It's been two years ago since I bought this lovely soft fairtrade and ecofriendly woolsilkblend. Metres of pure soft luxury! But finally I found the motivation to finish my work. And it was actually less work than I expected ;-)
The handwarmers are crocheted and I added little wooden buttons made by Marloes Duyker. The loopscarf  is made of two knitted scarfs stitched together for more thickness.
Autumn you may come  (but don't rush;-).

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Grappig om te zien dat haken en breien zo'n ander effect op het garen heeft. Heel mooi resultaat!!!!

  2. Leuk met die knopen! Ik krijg al bijna zin in de herfst (maar nog niet helemaal).

  3. leuk! Is vaak he dat het achteraf eigenlijk helemaal niet zoveel werk is....


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