zondag 3 november 2013

Boekkunst Leiden

This weekend I went off to Leiden to see the bookprinting-paradise. There was a fair with over 100 stands of professional bookprinters en -binders. This old handcraft is still very alive!

What also was fun was that my left my iPhone at home because it needed charging. So off I went, with no possibility to check messages in the train, to use my navigation or the Dutch railwayapp. It turned out very nice actually. I had great conversations in the train with a person from Sweden and California, I found my way in Leiden by just asking people. It felt kind of free and peaceful. Maybe I should try to use my phone a little less often ;-), I can recommend it.
At the fair I met Maartje from Letterkabinet after quite a while and admired her beautiful work. I only I could be that patient and precise!

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  1. o een super gaaf dagje gehad lijkt me zo! Leuk om inderdaad zulk bijzonder handwerk te zien.
    Zou iedereen eigenlijk vaker moeten doen he, weg gaan met zonder telefoon!


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