zaterdag 9 november 2013

warm floors

My house is my pride, I live here for a few years now and I love the way it's slowly becoming my home. There was actually just one thing I missed: some carpets. Okay, I had a big off-white carpet but it didn't live long. What was I thinking when I bought that one? With my cat, my habit of drinking wine/wathing tv/make phonecalls in the same time. You can imagine what it looked like after a while.
And because I'm not so into the 'mainstream' carpets (and I don't own a fortune) I bought some second-hand Swedisch carpets ('trasmotter'). I love them, I love the idea that they're made of recycled clothes, that they're not too precisely made. And if I make some stains on it, no one would even even notice ;-)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk! Vooral die eerste, mooie kleuren en patronen.
    Het ziet er heel gezellig uit daar bij jouw thuis.

  2. Prachtig zijn ze! Weet je misschien waar ze te koop zijn.

    1. Ja hoor. Deze komen van Marktplaats maar Rosa Rugosa heeft ook prachtige oude Zweedse kleden. Succes!

  3. O, wat zullen die fijn liggen in je leuke huis!


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