zaterdag 28 juni 2014

new pillows with a little extra touch

As a lot of you probably, I'm very fond of the Hay pillows. But they are a bit too expensive for me...maybe for you too?
Well then I've got a great tip for you! I ordered these pillows at Fashion for Home in a silvergrey colour. The buttons were the same colour.

The great thing is that you can order some free fabricsamples at this shop, so I ordered a blue and green one of the same fabric-range as the pillows.
I have a simple tutorial here for you for changing the colour of the fabric buttons, et voilá: some very pretty pillows are smiling at you!
 1. Lay the fabric sample on the button and draw the size with a blackboardchalk.
 2. Sew a little zigzag around to prevent from unraveling
 3. Sew a running stitch around with Extra Extra firm thread (you have to be able to pull it later)
 4. Fold the fabric under the original button
 5. tightly draw the thread and make knots in it. Cut off the loose ends. Done!
pssst, I ordered this wooden clock also, it's on sale now!

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